The Quest For The Hall Of Mirrors

Welcome to the Quest For The Hall Of Mirrors! In order to complete this Quest, you will need Bravery and Strength! And weapons, shields, and medicine. At the end of this quest, you will receive a valuable item of equipment.

    First you must find the entrance to the quest. It's in West Rothemburg Forest. You will need a raft.
    You will immediately be confronted with the powerful Wolves which inhabit the entire forest. Be ready!
    There is Magic at work in the forest! You must understand it!
    The forest seems to go on forever! You must use your intellect as as well as your sword!
    At last! You come upon the Hall Of Mirrors! Only one more enemy to defeat! But he is very powerful!!!
    You have made it to your goal!
You may work alone or in a group, and each person may complete the Quest.

Good Luck!!!