The Quest For The Black Pearl

In order to win the Black Pearl you will have to find your way through a sea weed forest! There are puzzles to solve, treasures to find, and monsters to fight! Since the Black Pearl Quest is a miniquest, anyone can do this quest at any time. You don't need to complete other quests first.
The Black Pearl Quest takes place in Atlantis. Since this quest takes place underwater so you will need a sea bubble as well as many other items.
    First you must get to Atlantis. The pathway to Atlantis is located behind Crystal Falls. (Crystal Falls is south of Rumbolton.) You will need a raft to get close to the falls then a sea bubble to go under the falls as the place behind the falls is underwater!
    From there you navigate the underground waterway until you reach Atlantis.
    Next you find the quest entrance. It is in a place that is overgrown with sea weed! The entrance is hidden on the southern border of this sea weed forest. Once you find your way in it is easy to get lost. Be careful there are dangerous creatures living in there! You will find a few jellyfish who are holding a sea bubble. If you kill them they will drop the bubble.
    There are a few giant clams scattered along the quest. Many of these are shut tight but a few you can enter. Once you get to the last part of the quest you will see a giant clam that contains a black pearl. But inside the clam, the pearl is guarded by a ferocious black crab! You will have to fight it to get it to drop the pearl! You can keep the black pearl or decide to use it as a spell. It will take you to Atlantis one time. This pearl will later be needed to enter a large quest that we have planned.
You may work alone or in a group, and each person may complete the Quest.

Good Luck!!!