Quest For The Sea Bubble

Any Player may complete this Quest at any time. You don't need to complete other quests first. There are puzzles to solve, treasures to find, and monsters to fight!
    The Quest For The Sea Bubble takes place at a Secret Inland Sea north of the Dark Forest. But to find the Secret Inland Sea, you will need a special Magic Map! So, First you need to find the Map Maker's Shop!
    Once you have your Map, you must find the path in the Dark Forest.
    Bring Weapons and Medicine - There are powerful enemies along the way!
    You can get help along the way, if you can pay in cash. But what to do when the advice conflicts?
    If you are brave and strong, you will eventually reach the goal: The Sea Bubble!
You may work alone or in a group to complete this Quest, and each person may complete it as many times as they like.

Good Luck!!!