The Garden Quest

If you successfully complete the Garden Quest you can get a Money Plant Seed! There are many surprises in the Garden Quest and some interesting surveniors that you can take as well. Those who finish this quest will earn player attribute points as well. There are puzzles to solve, treasures to find, and monsters to fight!
    The entrance to the Garden Quest is North East of Rumbolton right next to the mountain.
    From there you follow the winding garden paths. But be watchful, or you may miss something important!
    There are a few dangerous creatures along the path. Some can be avoided but some you must fight.
    You will need a raft as well as a weapon.
    When you reach the Money Plant Flower just click on it and you will receive a Money Plant Seed Pod! This will grow when you plant it. At this time you will also be awarded your attribute points.
You may work alone or in a group, and each person may complete the Quest.

Good Luck!!!