Quest For The Red Orb Of Strength

This Quest takes place in Malum Desert. Malum Desert is located on the eastern part of Ambrosia coastline. You should at least bring food, drink, medicine and weapons on this quest.
     First you must go east along the Ambrosia coast line until you find the quest entrance.
     Next you travel until you find the Quest Cave entrance. In order to enter the cave you must be able to answer a question. If you have been observant you may have the answer. There are at least two clues in the desert. Inside the cave are cave spiders. One of them carries a key that you will need to complete your quest.
     In front of the Quest Gate you may find a monster waiting for you. Be ready to fight him! You must be a strong fighter to succeed in this quest (or be very clever!)
     Once you are inside of the gated part of the quest you will find -- more monsters to defeat, treasure chests, and the secret entrance to the orb vault. One of the monsters carries the key to the orb vault. You will need to search very carefully for the entrance to the orb vault, it is in an unexpected place!
     If you are persistent and skillful, you will reach your goal: The Red Orb Of Strength!
When you complete the Quest, you will be granted Attributes, including an increased Life Container!

You will also be able to select special Avatars, some of which are wearing the Orb around their necks!

You may work alone or in a group, and each person may complete the Quest.

Good Luck!!!