Quest For The Blue Orb Of Knowledge

This Quest begins on far-away Mystery Island. You must prepare for the quest well: bring rafts, food, water, medicine, and weapons, because the island is deserted!

Most important, you must obtain and bring a Mystery Island Cave Key!
     First, you must search the island for the Ancient Ruins.
     Once inside, you must search for the Orb! Along the way, you must get past Riddle Stones, by solving their Riddles! Be careful, the Ghosts of the ruins' previous inhabitants will be chasing you!
     There are also very powerful Spiders!
     Don't pass up any treasures along the way. Some of them may prove to be important later on!
     If you are persistent and skillful, you will reach your goal: The Blue Orb Of Knowledge!
When you complete the Quest, you will be granted Attribute Points, including an increased Life Container!

You will also be able to select special Avatars, some of which are wearing the Orb around their necks!

You may work alone or in a group, and each person may complete the Quest.

Good Luck!!!