Escape From The Island Of The Lost

    In this Mini-Quest, you will attempt to escape from Lost Island. Several important game skills
will be introduced, so this Mini-Quest is a good introduction for Guest Players.

Please note, that at the end of this Mini-Quest, a Guest Player will still be restricted to the
shoreline around Lost Island. Guests need to register their own personal Player Identity before
they are allowed into the rest of the Renaissance Quest Virtual World. If you would prefer to register
now, and skip this Mini-Quest, you are welcome to do so. But it is really good practice!

In this Mini-Quest, you will learn how to gather food and drink, use weapons, tools, and crafts,
and explore Lost Island.

Note that if your computer screen is large enough, you can drag this Help Screen off to the side
and leave it open while you are playing.

First some basics:

- To move your Avatar, you can either drag it with your mouse, or use the up-down-left-right arrow keys.
If you don't have arrow keys, you can click SETTINGS - FUNCTION KEY PANEL to bring up a keypad.

- If you right-click almost any object or Avatar, you will get a menu or some information about it.
Try clicking yours and others' Avatars, houses and shops, or things laying on the ground.

- The Game Map in the lower right corner shows your location with a Red X. The locations of other
players are shown with Blue X's. If you click this Map, it will cycle through various zoom resolutions.

- On the far right is the list of Players Online. If you click their names, you can get info about them.

Click Here For Guest Mini-Quest Walkthrough