Halloween 2009 - Third Annual RQ Halloween Treasure Hunt

This hunt is over!!! Benny (#1430) Is the Winner! He found the
top prize, the Rainbow Witches Hat!!! And he found the most Treasures!!!

Scores As Follows:

Benny (#1430): 16
HallowHatHunter (#2347): 15
gensolo (#3421): 14
JOHN (#1058): 12
Little Maze (#3430): 10
Jack Frost (#8136): 7
Ghostbuster (#6886): 7
buns54 (#5198): 6
Shard (#7047): 2
Mr.Sonic ($1667): 2

Renaissance Quest is pleased to announce the Third Annual Halloween Treasure Hunt!

Here is your chance to acquire some VERY RARE collectible items!
Helen and Bob have worked very hard this year to bring you the most
creepy and beautiful treasures!

Be here November 1st, 2009, at 7:00pm RQ Time.
(That's 7pm Pacific USA, 10pm Eastern USA).

Here are the rules and hints:

- All treasures will be in Ambrosia Forest, Grassy Field, and Dark Forest,
including the towns in these forests and fields, and on the Coast.
None will be on any islands, underground, in the water, in any
buildings, or in any Major Quests.

- MODs will NOT take part or give any advice concerning the Hunt!

- If you walk around the game a bit, before the Hunt starts, you can
get all the graphics loaded into your browser cache. Then when the
Hunt starts, you can move faster! You can also use Cocoa Beans!

- The multi-pickup key (F2) will be disabled the time of the hunt!

Here are the treasures:

    Rainbow Witch Hat                   Ruby Witch Hat 
    Diamond Witch Hat                   Sapphire Witch Hat 
    Ruby-Eyed Skull                   Diamond-Eyed Skull 
    Sapphire-Eyed Skull