Easter 2012 - Big Easter Egg Hunt

This Hunt Is Over!!!!

Congratulations to the Winners:

Little Maze: 19 - The Most Eggs and the Tornado Egg!!!
Josh: 16
Lylie: 14
Skill: 8
Sora: 4
Jeyko: 4
VincentValentine: 3
animelina: 2
lionpaw55: 1
Shard: 1
Marrder: 1
Luna: 1

Renaissance Quest is pleased to announce the 6th Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Here is your chance to acquire some VERY RARE collectible items!

This hunt will start at 2:00pm (Pacific USA time)
on Saturday April 7th, 2012!!! (That's 5:00pm Eastern USA time.)

Here are the rules and hints:

- All eggs will be in Ambrosia Forest, Grassy Field, and Dark Forest,
including the towns in these fields and forests, and on the Coast.
No eggs will be on any islands, underground, in the water, in any
buildings, or in any Major Quests.

- MODs will NOT take part or give any advice concerning the Hunt!

- If you walk around the game a bit, before the Hunt starts, you can
get all the graphics loaded into your browser cache. Then when the
Hunt starts, you can move faster!

Don't miss out! Be online at 2:00pm Pacific Time on April 7th, 2012
for the 6th Annual RQ Easter Egg Hunt!

Here are this years eggs:

    Banded Easter Egg          Blue Spotted Easter Egg 
    Green Easter Egg          Pink With Flower Easter Egg 
    Red Easter Egg          Blue With Star Easter Egg 
    Yellow Flowered Easter Egg          Smiley Easter Egg 
    Tornado Easter Egg